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kiwi_mods's Journal

New Zealand Body Modification
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Discussion of tattoos, piercings and other mods in NZ.
This community is for discussing body modifications in New Zealand. Lots of communities on LJ already exist to answer general questions about healing, this community is for if you need an artist who is good at a particular style, or want to post feedback on your experience in a store or want the names of products suitable for healing which are sold in NZ. Hopefully as this community matures we can get a good tag system going, and some useful memories.

Some basic, hopefully common sense, rules:

1. Please proof read your posts. Paragraphs are your friend. So is punctuation.
2. Don't start wank. If you have some constructive criticism that's fine, but don't be needlessly rude.
3. Try to keep the posts on topic.
4. If you want to promote a new store you're opening up, that's probably going to be fine. Just PM the moderator (bobbinsgalore) first.
5. Please, put any large pictures behind a cut (or if your entry contains multiple pictures, put all but the first behind a cut.) Please also put any 'adult' posts or dicussions behind a cut, to comply with LJs TOS. If you don't know how to make an LJ cut, check the FAQ section of LJ.