Store rec?
I'm going to be in Auckland over Christmas, and I'd love to do a bit of jewelry shopping. Can anyone recommend a good place to buy large(ish) gauge ear toys? I prefer natural materials, like wood and stone. I know of a few places like Illicit and Mid City Tattoos, but they do more metal and acetate stuff, not the natural materials (as far as I know).

Pretty things.
Just wanted to share the pretty jewelery that I've bought from Ninjaflower over the past few months.

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Piercing review.
A quick review, and a healed pic on my conch punches under the cut.

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Microdermal removal and Ninjaflower
luvyourlife peace
Hello shiny new community:)

Well I needed to get my microdermal removed and didn't feel like I got much out of the research I did on line. I am posting in a bid to inform others out there about what the procedure is like, and also rave about the delightful experience I had at Ninjaflower!

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New Zealand artist websites.
This list is growing and evolving. If you know a site I'm missing leave a comment and I'll update the list. (Please note that the inclusion of a shop on this list doesn't mean we know they do good work. Do your own research before letting anyone work on you!) I've put tattooists, piercing studios, and other mod artists together in this list, with it being sorted by location.

Upper North Island:

Body Modz.
Cambridge Bodyart.
Customline Tattoos.
Globus Tattoo.
Hammerhead Tattoo.
Infinite Ink.
Monique's Euro Tattoo and Piercing Studio.
Uptown Tattoo.
The Tattooed Heart.
Sacred Tattoo Aotearoa.

Lower North Island:

Electric Ink.
Flesh Wound.
Powerhouse Tattoo Studio.
Roger's Tattoo Art.
Tattoo City.

Upper South Island:

Otautahi Tattoo.
The Ink Spot.
Zealand Tattoo.

Lower South Island:

If you know any body art studios in the Lower South Island with a website, please leave a comment and I'll add them. Thanks.

Intro Post.

Figured I should kick this thing off with a first post. Welcome to kiwi_mods I'm your friendly maintainer and mod. Hopefully we can keep this comm active and useful. Any other suggestions as to what we should put in our interests section? I've got it started, but it needs some fleshing out. And any suggestions as to what would be good posts to create now and put in the memories? I'm thinking a post which we keep updated with the websites of different mod artists working in NZ would be a good start.


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